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How to Supply Your Digital Artwork

Please Supply the Following..

  • File name and application used
  • A black & white proof of the file supplied, showing all the elements required for output
  • A copy of all the screen fonts used in the documents
  • A copy of all the printer fonts used in the documents
  • All picture files used in the documents e.g. EPS, TIFF, JPEG etc. Please save all scans as CMYK and not RGB

Files Accepted

Digital artwork from MAC or PC any of the following media: DVD, CD, Zip disk (100MB and 250MB), Memory Stick, 3.5" floppy or email*

Email your file(s) to one of the following addresses..

Norwich repro@husseyknights.co.uk

Shenfield plot.sh@husseyknights.co.uk

Ipswich plot.ip@husseyknights.co.uk

If you do send your files this way, please make sure that you fax us a proof and your order details.

Output To:

Pre-printed sheets, self-adhesive papers and films, plus a wide variety of paper stocks, weights and colours. For more information on any aspect of this service, please contact us.


To compliment this service, Hussey & Knights offer a substantial digital printing service for outputting all your colour or black and white Mac or PC files.


  • Get around font problems by converting text to paths/curves
  • Scan and save images in CMYK
  • Don't use very high resolution scans for small format work. 250dpi is quite adequate
  • Microsoft Word is an RGB package, remember the CMYK presses will not match pantone colours
Send A File Digitally
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