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Colortrac SmartWorks Software

SmartWorks EZ software is very simple to use and designed for operation by non-specialist users. Choose your preferred method of controlling the SmartLF scanner with either keyboard, mouse or touch-screen modes, while providing all the basic scan to file and scan to copy functionality you need. SmartWorks EZ software saves your scanned documents as PDF, TIFF or JPG files individually or as a batch, and makes document copies to any printer through standard Windows printer drivers.

SmartWorks Pro software – One Interface, Three Applications.
Using a Mouse or Touch Screen enabled displays, the intuitive Graphical User Interface guides you quickly through the Scan-once workflow, making rapid changes to the image quality if required. Use the 10 Preset Filters for quick pre-selection of your key scanning parameters.Intelligent Adaptive Thresholding allows the automatic removal of unwanted background to provide clean copies and the fully integrated ICC color management in the SmartWorks Pro viewer provides accurate representation of scanned and printed output.

SmartWorks Pro is a cost option for any SmartLF scanner and is available in 3 variants:

  • Scan – scan only
  • Copier – copying only
  • Scan & Copy – scan to file and copy simultaneously

All Colortrac SmartLF large format scanners are supplied with utility software that includes everything you need to keep your scanner in prime working condition and up-to-date with the latest firmware and driver versions.

Colortrac SmartWorks


The Colortrac SmartWorks EZ technical specifications

The Colortrac SmartWorks Pro technical specifications

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