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Colortrac ScanWorks Scan-to-File Software

ScanWorks is the productivity tool for high-volume large format scanning applications. Other software typically uses a three-step process for scan optimisation - pre-scan to set parameters, then rewind and re-scan. With ScanWorks this is a one-step process. The entire image is saved to disk and is available for cropping, rotation or more advanced editing in seconds with no need for re-scanning - good news for delicate originals. Operators can instantly sharpen, de-speckle, de-skew, change colour depth or apply any of the many ScanWorks filters, then simply click Save.

The unique ScanWorks workflow can mean an overall improvement in scanning efficiency of 40% compared with the more common pre-scan, rewind, scan and edit methods used by other large format scan systems.

ScanWorks is a cost option with the SmartLF scanner.

Colortrac ScanWorks

Colortrac CopySmart Features

  • Multi language support.
  • Intuitive easy to navigate interface.
  • icm profile embedding (TIFF).
  • start and stop from the SmartLF scanner or F9 / F10.
  • Odometer style file naming system option.
  • Scan log file and Session log file audit information.
  • Print screen display or zoomed area to any Windows printer.
  • Image enhancements tools - sharpen, blur, de-noise, colour reduce.
  • Colour separation and palette generation.


The Colortrac ScanWorks technical specifications

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