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Colortrac CopySmart Scan-to-Copy Software

Colortrac's CopySmart is the software tool for a simple-to-use, quick-to-learn and really fast inkjet or LED copy from any large format SmartLF scanner.

CopySmart uses specially written internal plotter drivers and a file based TIFF driver for accurate copy size control, minimum paper wastage and minimum configuration effort. Printer data is routed via the existing printer’s Windows driver connection and copying often begins just seconds after pressing Copy. Printers that are not part of CopySmart’s supported printer list can still be used but must be configured using conventional Windows methods. CopySmart can be colour calibrated (profiled) to any paper and ink by the customer in minutes using the supplied IT8 target and in-built calibration Wizard. Alternatively, a spectrophotometer - Getrag-Macbeth/X-Rite i1 - can be used to profile the media - reading back the printer charts into the computer. This will give the highest quality results for those seeking extremely accurate colour matching such as users with multiple inkset colour printers capable of delivering subtle colour shades.

CopySmart is a cost option for the SmartLF scanner.

Colortrac CopySmart

Colortrac CopySmart Features

  • High speed simultaneous scan to copy.
  • Multi-language support.
  • Free multiple printer choice from HP, Canon, Encad and Mutoh.
  • Intuitive easy to navigate three panel interface.
  • Presets with filters for common copy tasks e.g. poster, photo, map, drawing or text.
  • Wizard controlled Profiler for ICM profile generation by the user at any time.
  • Start and stop copying from the scanner control panel or screen.
  • Advanced black and white intelligent adaptive thresholding (IAT) copy.
  • Interactive preview with zoom
  • 1:1, preserve aspect ratio or stretch/ compress image in x or y.
  • Use standard scan area sizes, auto size or type in your own.
  • Step and repeat and panelling (copy larger than roll width) copy options.
  • Secondary level support via Windows driver for non-directly supported printers.
  • Hot folder tiff file driver for colour and monochrome printers having a rip or server.
  • Import common graphics file formats (except PDF).
  • Bitmap insertion, colour mask and text insert.
  • Generate check file with copy.


The Colortrac CopySmart technical specifications

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