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Archival pre-CAD drawings are valuable assets to a company. Hussey & Knights offer many scanning and electronic drawing management solutions to use those assets to the full.

Raster Images

When a drawing is fed through a scanner, the page information ends up as a "raster" format such as "Tiff Grp IV" (.tif), "Bitmap" (.bmp) or "J-Peg" (.jpg). These raster images contain no intelligence. They are just a series of dots or pixels, placed upon a page. (Using version 14 of AutoCad or later, it is possible to view a Tiff picture file, but it is not possible to edit the document in any way. They can also be viewed using "imaging" which is under the "accessories" section of programmes on Windows 95 etc).

Vector Images

To take this image into a CAD package for editing, the raster data must first be converted to a "Vector" file format. This can be done using a sophisticated and specialist software package, and although it can produce good results, Hussey & Knights would like to stress that the process is by no means an exact science. A vector image such as a ".DXF or .DWG file" contains intelligence, and knows the entities of lines, arcs, etc.

It should be noted that the standard vectorising process from Hussey Knights involves the removal of all fonts. For further information, click HERE to contact us.

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