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Orient Banner Stand

The number one choice for design agencies and marketing companies

The Orient Banner has a sleek and compact base which provides the best stylish features available in Ultima range. The base system is compact and tidy taking up less surface area.

The Orient Banner has a spring loaded rail clamp system and slide on/off applicator which makes it easy to apply or change graphics. The heavy and solid base captures the perfect formula for design and stability.

Many professionals choose the Orient as their preferred banner because it has super chic visual properties. The system is the most cost effective Ultima banner without twist out feet - widely used by most designers as their roller banner of choice for important advertising events.

The Barracuda and Orient roller models provide the best features in portable display technology. The Orient is a high quality roller banner built to withstand the most demanding display environments on a frequent basis.

Orient Banner Stand

Barracuda Data Sheet

Orient Banner Techical Details (PDF)

Orient Banner Stand
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